October 3, 2011

The most wonderful time of the year!

I don’t know about you, but when I think of tinplate and Halloween, I think of costumes. However, this year we do not have a costume project to offer you, but don’t let that stop you from making your own! What we do have is a variety of projects that, with the right setting or addition, work quite splendidly as Halloween decorations. Our Featured Project this month is Six shovels. I’ve decided to stick the spade in a chocolate cake with a shallow grave.

Also on my Halloween table, you’ll find cookies that I made using the Cookie cutters,

the Garden cart,

the Deck chair,

and the Barbecue.

10 Responses

  1. will says:

    Your site looks fantastic! I can’t wait to look over the projects and videos. Good job.

  2. chris says:

    Great site. Bookmarked it. You have just had a mention on the 7/8ths Lounge too.

  3. Stacia W. says:

    Ummm…. BBQ Brains. It’s making me hungry.
    The site looks awesome (yes I said it, awesome).

  4. Elizabeth says:

    I’ll say it too — awesome!

  5. Tim says:

    And on 16mm Today, on this side of the pond. Got it through Tag Gorton, who knows your father…I like the brains, btw.

  6. Joel Neshkin says:

    Very well done and not surprising, knowing the lineage.

    My appetite has been whetted and with the help of your video I shall now forge into the world of “Tinplate” Lokeys.


  7. Risa A. says:

    Love the site! Especially the El Pato lawn chair.

  8. Maggs says:

    Like the site very much and i have to say that the projects and videos are all extremely well put together and inspirational.
    Love the halloween pictures, have a great one!

  9. Tonya says:

    wonderful! mmmm, brains!

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