October 10, 2011

Pop-can Echinacea

Thanks to Joey Chan for writing in to share the great pop-can Echinacea he made. Although aluminum cans can’t be soldered, many of the shaping and forming techniques he used can work for tinplate. Joey used pop cans from the recycling bin at his work. He chose them by the colors he wanted, used scissors to cut them, and hot glue to hold the pieces.

He wove the cones and debossed lines into the leaves and petals. He wrapped strips around a wire for the stems, and even wrapped the pot with more flattened cans.

Joey’s got some very nice organic details that may be a little easier to achieve in aluminum than in tinplate. We love the woven bits. (Anyone woven tinplate yet?)

More photos of this project can be found in Joey’s flickr album: http://www.flickr.com/photos/joeychantele-bum/sets/72157627841634648/with/6221226157/

Thanks Joey!

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