November 1, 2011

New Project: Napkin Rings!

We, here at Tinplate Girl, are excited to share with you our newest project, napkin rings! And just in time to get cooking on some Thanksgiving decor. These napkin rings can add a punch of color, as well as a nice handmade touch to your table, no matter how fancy or informal your gathering.

Truth be told, this project is riveting! No, really. This is the first (of many, I’m sure) of our projects to feature rivets! Rivets are a super cool way to mechanically fasten pieces of metal. Besides being an easy new skill to pick up, they just look really awesome. I can’t stress this part enough. Tinplate Dad and I have a big place in our hearts for rivets. (In the future we’ll be putting together a video all about how we do rivets!)

Another new thing we’ve done with this project is we’ve made a video preview. We made a commercial! You can view it below.

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