November 15, 2011

Randall Cleaver’s found-object clocks

Many thanks to artist Randall Cleaver for contributing to the Tinblog. Randall uses many found objects and materials (including tinplate) in his meticulous work. Included are what he calls “Story Clocks” where he uses imagery from the tins to tell part of a story. Read on for more!

Voyeur Time

“I make clocks and lamps using found objects. I have been using found objects since I graduated from college (I was a bio major but got seduced by art after taking a sculpture class). I had no access to a shop and had a few hand tools. So found objects were a way for me to continue making art. The parts were all ready made; I just had to assemble them. Even though I now have a shop I prefer to find the parts.

Temple Time Too

Suddenly, everything changed

“Working in tin came about when Bobby Hansson (author of The Fine Art of the Tin Can) saw my slides in a gallery and called me asking if I used tin in any of my art. At the time I didn’t but I said I would start to play with it and see what I could come up with. So I went out and rummaged through the recycling buckets on the street looking for materials. Now years later I still frequently use tin as a material. I love the colors, textures and images on them. I use cookie tins as housing for my clocks and animation. I find some tin in recycling cans and others at thrift stores. And friends will save interesting cans for me. I got a great mustard oil can from India that way.

Murder of Time


It’s a Jungle Out There

“From studying old clocks I saw that many of them had animation to them. Some have eyes that move back and forth. Some have tin sailing ships that rock. Those were my initial inspirations for the animations.”

It Was Dark When She Got There

Deer Time


No name

Randall Cleaver in his studio.

Randall also sent along a photo of his can storage area. This familiar sight filled us with joy.

To see more of Randall Cleaver’s work, check out his website,
Thank you so much, Randall!

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  1. Burnell Yow! says:

    As the proud owner of Randall’s clock, “Jungle Time” pictured above, I can say this guy rocks. His work never fails to amaze me. And as a found object artist myself, I can say that Randall’s creativity also inspires me.

  2. worldclock says:

    Randall Cleaver’s found-object clocks | Tinplate Girl – just great!

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