March 22, 2015

It sure is quiet around here…

You may have noticed there hasn’t been much activity on the blog for a while. We want you to know that while life has gotten busy, we are still thinking about tinplate and working towards some things slowly. We are still selling tinplate sheet and projects plans, and we’re still here to answer your questions and emails.Thank you for your continued support and kind words about our site and videos, and please keep sending us those tinplate project photos!

2 Responses

  1. Wally Potter says:

    Ran across your site from the newly released book ‘Sheet metal work” by Dr Marcus Bowman. (I like your site better than the book but the book is also very good too!)

    I have been saving lots of old tin cans just waiting for inspiration like yours….keep up the great work.

    Your videos are the best.

  2. Wally Potter says:

    I missed the video on using excursion pins for rivets.

    Is it in one of these videos listed here ?
    Again ALL of your videos are great, I enjoyed them all.

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