These free videos will give you a good grounding in tinplate construction and fabrication. They total around 45 minutes of instruction. There's a lot of information in each one, so don't hesitate to watch them as many times as you need to to get everything you can from them.

Then, experiment on your own. Download some of our free projects to get started. They'll help you get a feel for the tools and materials you'll need to tackle the more challenging ones.

Most of all, have fun!

#1. Welcome!

Introduction to different ways of taking old cans and turning them into fun, unusual, and useful projects.


#2. Tinplate…and where to find it

Tinplate is a wonderful material for making all sorts of things but it’s pretty scarce these days — or is it? This video will show you lots of sources, many of them free.


#3. Basic tools for working with tinplate

You don’t need a complete workshop to make things with tinplate. Tinplate is easy to work with using basic hand tools. This video shows you what you’ll need.


#4. How to process tin cans for use in projects

Once you’ve got your tin cans, you’ll need to turn them into useable metal. This video shows you the easy steps.


#5. Cutting tinplate

Even though tinplate is metal, you’ll find it surprisingly easy to cut. This video will show you how to do it with tools you may already have.


#6. Making round holes in tinplate

Most tinplate projects require holes, large or small. This video will show you how to make different sizes of round holes in tinplate.


#7. Folding and forming tinplate

Working with tinplate is basically sheet-metal work. The material can be easily folded and formed with just basic tools. This video will show you how.


#8. Soldering tinplate

Soldering tinplate is a lot easier than you might think it is. This video will show you a lot of useful techniques that will boost your confidence and get you soldering in no time.


#9. Making decorative punches for perforating tinplate

Add decorative elements to your tinplate projects with simple punches you can make yourself. This video teaches you the basics.


Project #27 Napkin Rings preview

Nothing dresses up a table like some tinplate napkin rings made out of your favorite cans.